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This site is a useful tool for those that want to gain an insight into how patents, trademarks and copyright work in Italy and the European Community.

You will find useful guides, Italian patent office links, articles and updates.
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What are you looking for?


Do you have an invention and you want to patent it? Discover the patents’ world and its specific regulation. How can I file a patent application? How can I maintain it?
The only way to be properly protected is to patent it properly, avoiding the always more frequent copies and plagiarism.


Do you want to file a trademark? Discover the trademarks’ world and its specific regulation. How can I register a trademark?
Registering your trademark is without any doubt a fundamental element for the worth of the society since it makes your products/services recognizable by consumers. If you believe in your firm, registering its trademark is an investment you should definitely consider.


Do you want to protect the design of a product? Registering the model is faster and cheaper than you think and it is necessary if you believe in the design of your product. The design is indeed a feature that consumers increasingly appreciate.


Are you an author? Find out how to protect your work through copyright and how to benefit from it. Author do not always know their rights and they are not able to enforce them in the contractual framework. For this reason, I suggest you read the content of this section.


Do you want to protect your software? Since it is a rather complex subject, programmers often renounce to the important profits that may come from the creation and the license of the software.
Do not make this error. If you are a programmer or a company that has created an innovative software,it is fundamental for you to know the regulation of the software. Find out more in the dedicated section.

We believe in the value of Ideas

We are a group of lawyers and engineers operating for more than ten years in the IP field. We help our clients with patents, trademarks, copyright, software protection, defense against unfair competition and privacy.

Italy is a country of imaginative people and we are famous for fashion and furniture designs.

Some of the most celebrated inventions in the world were made by Italians. These are only some examples:

  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • Moka
  • Microchip
  • Even the real American Jeans

However, Italians are also not keen to protect their creations that often end up to be shamelessly copied in other countries. Without an appropriate preliminary protection, after the plagiarism it becomes hard to be protected in courts.

Why authors do not protect their inventions?

This happens because the regulation seems complex (and it really is) and the cliché that the patent of a technical solution, the registration of a trademark, etc are useless and unnecessary actions has become viral.

On the contrary, especially today, ideas treasure a huge potential that may really bring incredible profit to its creator.

Just think to digital startup such as Snapchat, quoted 33 billion dollars on March 2, 2017. How much does the trademark Apple value? Or the copyright related to Harry Potter. What would have happened if the software was not protected, the trademark registered or the copyright well exercised? How much money would have been wasted.

I assure you that we saw a lot of people, with really amazing ideas, because they have not well protected their creations. And this is not fair.

We want all authors to reap the benefits of their talent

For this reason, our mission is to make authors, inventors, companies programmers and designers know their rights in order to help them to protect their creations.

For this purpose, we decided to realize the UfficioBrevetti.it website so that everyone will know the specific knowledge of the experts in the field in what concerns the regulation of patents, trademarks, design, copyright and software.

In this way, we can help people make simple actions that can really make the difference in protecting their idea.

Differently from the others, our website is essentially informative and makes a lot of materials, particular cases of study and free guides in digital format which can be downloaded in the dedicated section.

Your idea is worth gold

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