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Losing credibility and profit …

… because you didn’t protect your work

Many inventions that changed history – such as radio, telephone, moka pot, microchips –  were created in Italy…

Unfortunately enough, these creations end up to be copied in other countries because of the lack of an adequate preliminary protection and it is hard to defend it in court after plagiarism.  

I assure you that we met many people with amazing ideas, who failed because they didn’t protect properly their creations and our team of experts works hard to prevent it from happening.

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Your ideas is worth gold

Protect it thanks to the experts of Ufficio Brevetti

Think to digital startup like Snapchat, quoted on Stock Exchange 33 billion dollars, to the value of the Apple trademark or to the copyright linked to Harry Potter. What would have happened if they hadn’t protected the software, registered the trademark or exercise copyright correctly? What would have been their value now?

We want all authors to enjoy the product of their work. For this reason the experts of Ufficio Brevetti work to help authors, inventors, companies, programmers and designers to protect their creations.
Thus, we can help people making the moves that will really make the difference to protect their idea.

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We believe in the value of ideas

UfficioBrevetti.it was founded by Laura Turini esq, enrolled with the Bar of IP advisors and author of the first book on the registration procedures of internet domains and on the resolution of disputes in this area.

Together with a team of lawyers and engineers, she decided to create UfficioBrevetti.it to explain the importance of the protection of patents, trademarks, design, copyright, app and software and help authors to protect their ideas efficaciously.

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