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About us was founded by Laura Turini Esq, enrolled with the Bar of IP advisors in the Trademark and Patent sectors. She is also the author of the first book on the registration procedures of internet domains and on the resolution of disputes in this area, plus of many articles on this topic published by Sole 24 Ore and other trade magazines.

Together with a team of lawyers and engineers working for more than 20 years in the IP sector, Laura Turini esq. decided to create to explain the importance of the protection of patents, trademarks, design, copyright and software and give information in relation to the current legislation on these topics.


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In you will find the answers to the FAQ on the IP field, particular study cases and the guides that you can download in digital format.

Moreover, thanks to our team of experts, lawyers and engineers, you will be supported in filing patents and trademarks and in protecting your work in the best way possible.

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