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ESPACENET – The patent database

Do you want to know if your invention has already been invented? You can do it with [email protected], an online free service collecting patents and patent applications.

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What’s UIBM?

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office: what it deals with UIBM (the Italian Patent and Trademark Office) is the Office of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Government dealing with the administrative activity of registration and grant of the right of industrial property. UIBM deals with • at the national level: o reception […]

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Copyright Infringement

When do we talk of Copyright infringement? What penalties are applicable in such cases? We face copyright infringement when the right of the author is violated through: 1. Plagiarism; 2. Reproduction for commercial purposes; 3. Modification without authorization Plagiarism We meet plagiarism when a work is totally or partially reproduced and its authorship is illegitimately […]

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What’s EPO?

History, functions and tasks of the European Patent Office EPO is the acronym of European patent Office, the Office charged of providing with uniform procedure in the field of patent protection in 38 European countries. Since 1977, the Institute has to approve European patents under the supervision of the Administrative Council and has its office […]

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