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An archive containing more than 100 million registered patent

Do you want to know if your invention has already been invented? You can do it with [email protected], an online free service collecting patents and patent applications.

This service was developed by the European Patent Office (EPO) and other countries member of the European Patent Organization.

The [email protected] database at the moment includes more than 100 published patents, from 1836 until today. This database contains the national patents of many European countries and also the European and International patents and national patents of other countries (such as the U.S., Japan and Canada).

Thanks to the information stored in [email protected] you can do a preliminary search and get a first idea on the existence of other inventions like yours.

The collaboration with Google permits [email protected] to offer a useful instrument of translation for the filed patent which consent the access to an automatic translation of patents from and into more than 30 languages including Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Each member country has an [email protected] service in its own language having access to the EPO’s global database.

But be careful, since the translation works exactly as Google Translate, it is useful to search similar types of patent in foreign databases.

Would you ever send a text translated by Google to a lawyer for a lawsuit in Korea? Will it have any validity in a Court? Obviously, it will need a correction and a verification by a Korean lawyer.

It is the same for a translation of a patent.

The writing and the translation of the patent need to be necessarily entrust to an expert in that field.
In brief, [email protected]’s functions are:
Search of published patents;
Automatic translation of documents related to different patents;
Identifying the progress of the new technologies;
• Finding solutions to technical problems;
• Observing what competitors are creating.

It is a very useful instrument to conduct for a first general analysis and an amazing project for the creation in the future of a database of patent archive which can be freely consulted.

We would like to point out that today this search is not 100% reliable.

There are many databases (the majority of them not free) that should be consulted to have a detailed analysis on a similar or alike invention, but often they do not match.
Therefore, if you wish to do a Patent Novelty Search, we suggest to resort to an expert.

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