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Trademark: What is the advantage of having a registered trademark?

What is the advantage of having a registered trademark?

There are many and very important advantages by registering a mark. First of all, the prevention of other possible competitors to use it for their own activities, and this gives substantial benefits mainly for the one who is very well known and advertises more or less regularly; so we avoid the possibility of the competitors profiting to their advantage of this situation of popularity.

Besides, by having the mark registered, different kind of transactions can be done, such as franchising, i.e. the possibility of creating a chain of shops having all the same name and making them pay a certain quote for the use of the trademark. Amongst the advantages and not to be forgotten, the fact that the trademark increases in value with the passing of time, and it is an “asset” which can be “leased”, sold or exploited like any other company asset and often (just think of the mark “Coca-cola”) represents on its own a real company capital.