Policy in accordance with Art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) on personal data protection

In accordance to art. 13 UE Regulation 2016/679, we inform you that:

When you get in touch with ufficiobrevetti.it by sending texts, calling, sending emails, filling up forms, interacting with our chat bot, or in any other way, your personal data may be processed for one of the following purposes:

  1. To fulfill contractual or pre-contractual obligations in relation to services rendered through the “ufficiobrevetti.it” website;
  2. To monitor the service rendered to users, clients and potential clients come by the “ufficiobrevetti.it” website and to organize the contacts of the person in charge of the processing to guarantee the complete furniture of the services;
  3. To send messages containing information related to the subjects on the website, the services rendered in the execution of the legitimate interest of each joint controller;

The data at point a) and b) are necessary to provide you with the requested service.

The legal basis of the processing in accordance to art. 6 (1) (b) stays in the provision of the requested service itself – and as a consequence, in the execution of the contract – and also in the execution of the pre-contractual measures. In case you are not willing to provide us with your data, we will not be able to give you the service required. Your data are requested to send you the free guides and/or to answer you or contact you after your request sent by the online form according to your choice.

The data requested to the purposes at point c) are processed to execute the joint controller’s legitimate interest to inform potential clients and clients of the news and the initiatives occurring in the industrial and intellectual property field.

Your data will be uniquely processed by joint controllers and expressly authorized people in charge of the processing. The data may be communicated only to the company managing the website, the supplier appointed for the forward and managing the sending of the informative, promotional or commercial material, to the supplier appointed for the supply of CRM and to the manager of the email appointed as processors.

To the purposes at point a) and b), your data will be processed for the time needed to fulfil the requested service and will be stored for 10 years from the last contact in case there isn’t any professional appointment. In the opposite case, the conditions provided for the clients of each joint controller will apply.

To the purposes at point c), which you can exercise at any moment, the data will be processed until the request to stop receiving other informative material.

In relation to the profiling that you may have accepted while browsing this website, we invite you to read the Cookie Policy.

The data managed by the CRM are stored by Hubspot with office in Massachusetts (click on the link for further information https://www.hubspot.com/). These data are transferred in the USA in accordance to articles 44 e 45 EU Regulation 2016/679, an extra EU country providing with the guarantees of personal data protection thanks to the “Privacy Shield” agreement.

The data collected through ufficiobrevetti.it will be processed, as joint controller of the processing, by Studio Legale Turini of Laura Turini Esq. and by Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l. (both firm jointly indicated as “JOINT CONTROLLERS” or “STUDIO TURINI”). They will act as joint controllers to provide you with the adequate services and answer to your requests. The joint controllers signed a “agreement to act as joint data controller” pursuant to article 26 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). For more information, you can read the essential content of the agreement clicking on this link.

The joint controllers of the processing can be reached to the contact below:

Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l., Viale Matteotti, 25 – 50121 Florence, VAT No 05806260484, Ph. 055 5520647, Fax 055 4089025, e-mail: [email protected]

Studio Legale dell’Avv. Laura Turini, Viale Matteotti, 25 – 50121 Florence, VAT No. 01446700500, Ph. 055 5520647, Fax 055 4089025, e-mail: [email protected]

This policy is addressed to the users of the website and to potential clients in reference to the personal data furnished or requested. In case the user and/or potential client wants to confer an assignment to one of the two joint controllers, s/he will receive a specific policy on the processing performed by the firm directly by the joint controller.

Browsing data: Accessing the webpage and our website, the informatics systems and the software procedures in charge of the functioning of this website acquire, during their normal work, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the internet communication’s protocols. In this category of data there are IP addresses or domain names of the computers and of the computer used by the users, the URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server and other parameters concerning the operating system and the informatics environment of the user.

These data, necessary to the usage of the website, are stored not longer than seven days.



In relation to the data furnished, the data subject can always exercise the following rights:

  • Ask each joint controller the confirmation of the existence of a data processing and access them (right of access). In this case s/he can ask information or obtain a copy of the data processed by us concerning him or her.
  • Ask the rectification the of inaccurate personal data concerning him or her without undue delay (right to rectification). In this case he/her can ask the update or correction of his/her data.
  • Ask the erasure of his/her personal data for at least one of the reasons at art. 17 Reg. 2016/679 (right to be forgotten). In this case the data will be definitely erased.
  • Ask the restriction of the data processing if one of the reasons at article 18 Reg. 2016/679 is met (right of restriction). In this case, data will be only stored and not processed for any other purpose.
  • Revoke at any moment the consent. In this case, the processing will end for all processings for which the revocation has been sought.
  • Receive personal data concerning him/her in a machine-readable format and transmit those data to another controller pursuant to Art. 20 Reg. 2016/679 (right to data portability).

I also remind you that you have the RIGHT TO OBJECT on which ground, pursuant to Art. 21 Reg. 2016/679, you can at any moment object the processing completely or in part specifying the reason. If you grant your consent for marketing purposes, you can dispose of the above right to object at any time and without any justification. In that case the processing for marketing purposes will immediately end.

Those rights can be exercised simply requesting it to each joint controller of the processing at the above mentioned addresses. An answer will arrive without undue delay and not later than a month from the request.

If you consider that your data has been infringed, you can address a claim to the Italian Data Protection Authority according to art. 77 EU Regulation 2016/679.

This policy may be modified at any moment due to possible modifications in our procedures. We invite you to consult it periodically. In case of modification the “Date of last modification” at the bottom of this notice will be updated.

Date of last modification: September 2nd, 2019