copyright infringement

Citation in a book and copyright infringement

Newspaper and magazine articles fall under the work of arts protected by copyright. Articles 38-45 of the Italian Copyright Law explicitly recognizes them as creative […]

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I commissioned to a graphic some sketches for an advertising campaign and I used them for an internet site. Now I would like to use them also for some headed paper and for the packages for my products, but the graphic says that the rights are his and I cannot do it. Is it true?

The question related to the works created on commission is very controversial and, usually, the only solution to establish what are the actual rights of the parties is the interpretation of the contract agreed between them. Therefore, it is always advisable to write the various agreements so that compensation and ways of exploitation of the […]

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I have made a calendar wholly recapturing the structure of a very original american calendar, but changing the graphic of the numbers and inserting different photos. Should I be relaxed about it or I risk a request for damage compensation.

The calendars are considered protected by the law on copyright, like the catalogues, even though they are not expressly included in the list of protected works, list not considered wholly unconditional. Not only the contents of the calendar is protected, meaning the photographs and the particular graphic, but also the structure as a whole if […]

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Can I use, on the cover of a book, the pictures of a famous painting or must I ask the authorisation of someone?

The author of a work of art, including a painting, can claim copyright on it, therefore, to be able to use it, you need to first ask his authorisation. This must be clearly requested and, almost always, it is granted upon a payment to be given directly to the author. The above said right lasts […]

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