Copyright: Must royalties be paid to a singer to make him into a poster?

Copyright: Who is the owner of a romance and what rights are there over translation of it?

Copyright: Who get the rights over a screenplay? How can i avoid that the director and the producer, who want to sign an agreement with me, don’t claim all rights?

Copyright: How do rights over musical pieces work, and particularly the mp3?

Copyright: How can a fantasy character be protected? Can its name be registered?

Copyright: What does the writing “copyright, all the rights reserved to the author” mean?

Copyright: Is the comparative advertising allowed?

The U.S.A. copyright

Welcome to the U.S.A. copyright section To protect efficaciously your work through copyright you need the help of an expert. Also the current American Copyright Act, like the Italian one, states that no deposit is necessary for the protection of a work, as the copyright is automatically secured from the time the work is created, […]

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Is it sufficient filing a deposit at the siae to protect an imaginary character?

The best kind of protection for an imaginary character, is the deposit at the SIAE, at the section for inedited work, as this is what it is and therefore it gets protected by the copyright. To this, another protection can be added by registering the name of the character as a trademark, which plays a […]

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I have in mind to write a fairy tales book, made up of text and drawings, which i would like to present to a publisher. how can i do it without incurring the risk of being copied?

An intellectual work, such as a book, is automatically protected by the regulation on copyright, which guarantees, to whoever makes it, both the right of economical exploitation and the moral right to be recognised as the author. However, in order to claim these rights, you must actually have created the book, it is insufficient to […]

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