Legal defence: Tolerating the use of the trademark by someone who copied it can give way to the loss of someone’s rights?

Legal defence: Can damage compensation be requested to someone for using someone else’s trademark?

I have found out by chance that one of my employees has registered the trademark, in Spain, of one of our products. We have never even thought of registering it in Italy, can we do something against him?

The regulation on trademarks, unlike the one on patents, does not control the registration of company marks by employees, as the mark is commercial to be used by a company and if this use does not happen within a certain period of time, whoever has registered it loses all the rights over it. In this […]

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After having registered a trademark for hotel services, I discovered by chance that the name was the same as that of a well-known magazine of a certain province. I would like to know if the owner of the heading of the magazine could bring an action against me.

The problem in this case refers to the relation between a sign registered as a trademark and others registered at a prior date. The law on copyright ex art n. 100, shields the name of a magazine, therefore nobody can use that same name for other editorial products until that name is used and for […]

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I should be importing a product in Italy bearing a famous Italian trademark. Since the manufacturing company of the mark is in italy, do I risk a lawsuit from it or is it legitimate my selling these products?

The trademark’s owner has the sole right to sell products indicated with a certain mark in the country where he has got the exclusivity. Therefore, if it is known that in Italy the right to a certain mark is of competence to a certain firm, only this latter can sell the specific products. However, there […]

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Contracts: Could you tell me what are the requirements to be fulfilled in case of transferral or modification of the rights related to international trademarks? Is the transcription necessary as for the national ones or does it come automatically with the request of transcription of the act at the italian patents and trademarks office?

Legal defence: If we have been using a name for some time and someone else registers it, what can be done?

Trademark: In order to use the trademarks of the suppliers, should an authorization be asked?

Trademark: When can a trademark be used without the risk of it being copied?

Trademark: What is the difference between the ®, the TM, the © and the circled D?