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To whom it applies

this conditions applies to all users of the website managed directly or indirectly by Laura Turini Esq. or Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l..

USERS are those who, for any purpose, visit one or more of the following websites: ufficiobrevetti.it, turinigroup.it, brevettinews.it and that can interact with the managers of the websites by sending requests or subscribing to the newsletter and downloading the guides available for the subscribers.

Turinigroup.com is an informative website through which is possible to get in touch with the firm and the professionals of Laura Turini Esq.’s Studio Legale and of Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l. (collectively referred to as STUDIO TURINI or TURINIGROUP) both in Viale Matteotti 25, Florence, Italy.

Ufficiobrevetti.it is the information portal managed by Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l.

Brevettinews.it is a magazine publishing articles on patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and privacy managed by Laura Turini Esq

For what concerns Privacy we invite you to read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy. We inform you that according to the websites visited and to the reference sectors, the owner of the processing is identified, as above, in Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l. or in Laura Turini Esq. that can be respectively contacted by the following contacts: Studio Brevetti Turini S.r.l., Viale Matteotti, 25 – 50121 Firenze, P.I. 05806260484, Tel. 055 0981652, Fax 055 4089025, email: [email protected]; Laura Turini Esq., Viale Matteotti, 25 – 50121 Firenze, P.I. 01446700500, Tel. 055 0981652, Fax 055 4089025, email: [email protected]


In order to offer you full tranquility and transparency when accessing this website, we invite you to take note of the following clarifications.

Browsing this website is completely free and any information and relation between the manager of the website and the users is merely informative.

The website do not contain obligations to provide personal data. The user is free to furnish his/her personal data sending an email, is case s/he wants to be contacted back, sending a form, subscribing to the newsletter or by other means. For these operation s/he is invited to read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

The user acknowledges that the browsing is at his/her exclusive risk. Neither the owner of the website, nor other person collaborating at the creation, production or networking would be responsible for any damage arising from the browsing, including download operations, the usage of downloaded materials, transmission problems, errors, omissions, inaccuracies of any type, interruptions or delays, virus, ect.

Informative content of the websites

The material and the information contained in the mentioned websites are elaborated only for informational purposes and/or to present STUDIO TURINI.

The answers furnished for free by mail or by other means to users are not expert advice and users cannot consider them such. None interaction with the websites represents a client/professional/STUDIO TURINI relationship.

An user becomes CLIENT of STUDIO TURINI only after signing a professional appointment with the firm.
Therefore, you are kindly requested to not take decision on the basis of information on the websites and resort to a lawyer to obtain an advice on the ground of the concrete evaluation of your case.

Subscription to the newsletter

Those willing to be informed and updated on the news on patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, Internet Law and Privacy can subscribe to the newsletter of Brevettinews.it.

The subscription allows users to receive in his/her own inbox (approximately it is sent once a month but it isn’t regular) the periodic newsletter collecting the most important articles published in the magazine Brevettinews.it and to download the informative Guides and other material available for free for users at the manager’s discretion.

The subscription to the newsletter is possible through one or more of the mentioned websites or by asking the subscription even by other means. STUDIO TURINI reserves the right to accept or not the subscription.

Promotional messages

No promotional message will be send without your consent.

If you grant consent, you may receive messages containing suggestions, service proposals, products or personalized advices based on the interests that you showed during you browsing.

At any moment you can revoke the consent or object the processing as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Rights of the Author and rights of thirds

The content of the website, of the Newsletter, of the Guides and of all the material available for the user through browsing or following the subscription to the Newsletter is protected by copyright and it can be freely printed and used only for personal and not commercial purposes.

STUDIO TURINI declines all responsibilities concerning the content of the websites connected by link, or in by other means, the failure of update or other damages that may occur the user during the browsing.

The owners of the linked websites who do not like the connection can signal it and the links will be immediately removed.


for any controversy regarding the access or the usage of the website, or in relation to the download or the usage of material sent, or for any other reason, that may arise between the user and the owner of the website or other subjects who collaborated, collaborate or will collaborate on its realization and management, the user accepts the jurisdiction of the Italian nation and in any case to the application of the Italian law in force at the moment of the controversy independently of the domicile and office. All the activities started in Italy are to be considered as happening in Italy.

Except for the overriding provisions and of the provisions for the protection of the consumers.