What’s UIBM?

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office: what it deals with

UIBM (the Italian Patent and Trademark Office) is the Office of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Government dealing with the administrative activity of registration and grant of the right of industrial property.

UIBM deals with
• at the national level:
o reception of the granting application for the Italian right of industrial property (patents, trademarks, or models);
o check of the technical and formal regularities of the granting application;
o exam, grant or rejection of the applications;
o opposition procedure against the release of Italian trademarks.

• at the international level:
o reception of the granting application for Italian or European patents and International trademarks.
This office receives the national applications, examines them and, in positive cases, archives the trademarks and the patents registered in Italy.
For what concerns International or European applications, the office receives and transmit them without any specific exam.
If you wish to register an Italian trademark, patent or design the application for registration will be sent to the UIBM. Then, the office will assess if the application meets all the conditions for the registration and will archive the procedure in the specific database that you can find here.
This office has his main office in Rome, but you do not have to go there personally to file the documents and starting the procedure of registration.

Once you have correctly filled it, in order to send the procedure you can
• Go to the Chamber of Commerce of your city (or to the nearest branch) with the application already filled up and the Chamber of Commerce will send it directly to UIBM;
• Send the application online using the UIBM website at this link.

In both cases, these offices manage only the reception of the procedure not the strategic advice (verifying the existence of similar trademark or patent, for instance) or the correct formulation of the application (protecting the key points of a patent to make it faultless, for example)
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